Free DSTV and Star Times packages in Nigeria 2020

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06 Apr 2020, 12:46

Free DSTV and Star Times packages in Nigeria

Nigerians have started to see gift cards for the DSTV and Star Times packages due to the Corona virus

Nigeria's National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has asked television broadcasters to allow Nigerians to watch local broadcasts for free.

Nigerian Information Minister Lay Mohamed revealed this last Wednesday at a regular press conference held by the Special Committee on Coronavirus.

He said that this step was taken to ensure Nigerians have the necessary information about the coronavirus epidemic that causes Covid-19.

The minister refers to companies like DSTV and StarTimes which provide the largest number of satellite TV channels.

"The thing is that if you buy a DSTV or StarTimes card and your money is gone, you can still watch NTA, TVC, AIT and more.
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