Telecharger Softcam All (Keys) New Update 15-01-2019

Telecharger Softcam

Telecharger Softcam

8.2-ncam.mips – 8.2-Ncam-Images-MIPS-IPK – 8.2-ncam.aarch64 – 8.2-ncam.cortexa9hf-vfp-neon – 15.11.2019

Softcam 15.01.2019

mcaskey -KeyDB – KeyData – 12.01.2019 – Reworked Amiko keydata New key! Discovery Europe 4.8E – 12322 V 27500

Ncam 8.1 FULL – compiled and patched by marouan & RAED – 12.01.2019 -Fix 1x fallthrough / break -fix for NDS Standard cards -Videoguard2 cleanup -[streamserver] Added Rosscrypt1 support -Add RossCrypt1 as supported caid (This is not a functional change, as it works without this also. This is needed just to stop the ‘decoding is waiting for matching readers’ message in the livelog) -Add Support (aarch64)

PowerVU SES6 40.5° W – emm key collection 12.01.2019

Softcam 12.01.2019


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